Subterranean and Formosan termites are a problem in the south. There are, on average, 19 termite colonies per one acre of land. At ATEC Pest Control, two types of termite treatments are offered:

  1. A full treatment
  2. Defined post construction soil treatment

Both treatments are preformed with a liquid bait. This uses the transfer effect to eliminate the colony of the queen termite.

Termite products we offer include:

  1. Termidor
  2. Premis

Formosan termites typically swarm in the spring as early as February. This is when the reproductive termites leave the colony to start colonies of their own swarming on sunny days following a rain.

Termite sightings might include wings around window seals, vents, and doors. They tend to like moisture, so you may also see dead termites or their wings near bathtubs and sinks as well. Note that it takes about three years for a colony to reach reproductive maturity so, if you see swarming, then it is not a new infestation.

Also, since termites prefer the dark, it is unlikely that you will see damage to the wood in or surrounding your home. Instead, you will be able to hear a hollow sound in wood or even buckling. Termites also eat plaster in the walls and your wood furniture, so you may notice damage there as well.

Termites can also be found with mud tubes. These are vein-like tubes made of mud on the outside walls and foundations of your home letting you know subterranean termites are most likely present.

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