Be wary of fleas

These pesky little critters are at their highest infestation point around this time of the year. Believe it or not, you don’t have to have pets, such as cats and dogs, to be infested with fleas. You’re house could have a rodent issue, and fleas love rodents just like they do for cats and dogs. Squirrels, rats, and mice can cause fleas to infest your home.

Fleas consume almost 15 times their weight in blood daily. For a large animal with several fleas, this is pretty inconsequential. However, hundreds of fleas on a small kitten or puppy could be fatal due to blood loss.

If allergic to fleas, allergic reactions are very uncomfortable because the discomfort could drive your pet to scratch the bites raw, opening them up to potential infection. Also, fleas can carry parasite like tapeworms. This is bad because if your pet ingests fleas while grooming, the tapeworms get released into your pet’s intestines, creating issues.

Fleas can also affect humans with diseases such as cat-scratch disease, bubonic plague, murine typhus, and a typhus-like disease called cat flea rickettsiosis. If you’ve come into contact with fleas, pay close attention to how you feel and seeing a doctor if things seem awry.

At ATEC Pest Control, we can control your flea issue if this occurs. OUR GOAL IS TO INSURE THAT YOUR HOME IS PEST FREE. This goal is to make sure that the vicious circle of pest life is away from home and property. Our goal is for you to enjoy your home for you and your family and your pets. So keep fleas away by calling 256-533-6754 or going online to schedule your appointment!