Crawl Space & Fungus Treatments

The best offense is a good defense. In other words, take preventive measures to help stop the pest problem before it starts.

A good place to start is to seal all openings. Inspect your crawl space and use caulking, foam insulation or wood to close off any holes, no matter how small.

But there’s also the matter of smaller insects. To ward off termites, ants, roaches, etc., the key is to manage the conditions in your crawl space. Controlling moisture is critical. Not only can the accumulation of moisture cause conditions conducive to wood-eating organisms, compromising your home’s integrity, it can also attract pests.

We also have a partner company that we rely on for keeping your crawl space in check! Southern Crawl Space provides comprehensive inspection services to include moisture content readings, mold and fungus inspection, and permanent solutions to crawl space framing and sub-floor sealing issues.

Offering services like vapor barriers, insulation removal, and Watson seal products exclusively, we’ve kept Huntsville humidity and moisture controlled for over 20 years. Batted fiberglass insulation traps moisture, which can lead to mildew, mold, and wood rot. Watson Seal will protect your home and family from hazardous and costly repairs.

Southern Crawl Space is servicing new areas in Alabama to better serve our community and fellow Alabamians with the hope of eventually serving the entire state. We want to get you through those hot, humid southern days!

ATEC Pest Control takes pride in every job that we do on a customer’s home. When hiring ATEC for our pest management, you will have the comfort of knowing the job will be done right the first time, every time! Schedule your inspection online by calling 256-533-6754.