Bug Infestation Prevention

When the temperature drops, there is nothing like being inside your warm and cozy house. Bugs feel the same you do. There are several types of “winter” bugs that search for warm, dry places to stay during the cold season. Unfortunately, these pests can cause damage to your home. That is why we have compiled a list of preventatives to keep winter pests that you might find in your house this winter- out.

Walk around the outside of your home and inspect the perimeter of your house for cracks, gaps, and holes. If you find any, use caulk and repair any openings. Take a look at the screens in your windows and doors for gaps or holes. Then replace and repair them. You also need to check screen vents that lead to the attic, chimney, drains, or crawlspaces. If you store firewood, keep it on a raised platform, not on the ground. Then keep it covered with a plastic tarp. This will keep it safe and dry. If you bring any firewood or plants inside during the cold months, examine them carefully before bringing them inside your home.

At ATEC Pest Control, we can control your winter pest issues. Our goal is to ensure your home is pest-free. So keep winter bugs away by calling 256-533-6754 or by going online to schedule your appointment!