Fall Bugs

Autumn has arrived which means it time to prevent the top 5 bugs of fall. Here is what they are:

1. Bees- Some species of bees, like honeybees, are preparing for winter. Wasps can be more noticeable this time of year as well. They are changing up their diet of insects for more carbohydrate-rich foods. If you have an unusual amount of bee activity around your home, contact us today!

2. Cockroaches- Roaches will start moving inside when the weather gets cooler to find food, water, and warmth. The best way to prevent an invasion in your home is with proactive cockroach control such as eliminating food and water sources. Also, get rid of hiding places by reducing clutter and keeping a clean house. If you’re seeing several roaches of varying sizes, you may have a roach infestation. Contact us for a pest control plan that will include a thorough inspection and quarterly or monthly treatments for the ultimate protection against these pests.

3. Beetles- Since these bugs hibernate in the winter, you may notice an increase of varies beetles such as ladybugs, boxelder bugs, and stink bugs during the Fall months. The bad news is that these types often resist traditional treatments with pesticides. Therefore, you should vacuum up the ones you see inside your home and call us to prevent more from entering your home. They are attracted to the warmest areas of your home.

4. Mice- Just like the above pests, mice are searching for food and warmth which makes your home a welcoming location. Keep them out by sealing gaps around your home such as around plumbing, outdoor vents, and holes/ tears in window screens. If you see any mice in your house besides Mickey or Minnie, give us a call!

5. Spiders- In the fall, some spiders are their largest and might be more noticeable. Since spiders feed on insects, reducing the amount being found around your home can decrease the number of spiders. However, if you spot spiders in your home, contact us today!

At ATEC Pest Control, we can control your fall pest issues. Our goal is to ensure your home is pest-free. So keep fall bugs away by calling 256-533-6754 or by going online to schedule your appointment!